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The HTML5 canvas tag is a new tag for HTML5. It allows for two dimensional drawing easily using JavaScript. This makes it perfect for producing charts. Because JavaScript runs on your users' computer, none of the load on your web server normally associated with producing charts is incurred. Not only that but because of the greater processing power that is typically available on users' computers, they will be much faster. And, because the RGraph libraries can be both compressed (for example if you're using Apache, mod_gzip will do this automatically for you or if you're using Apache2 then it's built in) and cached, bandwidth usage can be greatly reduced. This makes it attractive to employ if you want to save money at the same time as speeding up your website, ie:

Imagine, you are creating 10,000 charts a day and the data is such that the resulting charts cannot be cached. With the RGraph library you can reduce that figure to zero. All the processing is done by each individual web browser, much like showing the HTML that you send to them. So you don't have to send any images, you simply send them the JavaScript libraries once. So, much lower bandwidth bills and less strain on your webserver.

And if that wasn't enough, because the charts are created using JavaScript, they will work offline if you view a .html page on your own PC. Download the archive and see the example! Useful if you need to do a presentation (for example) and want to use the same charts as your website.

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