January 2013 release notes

The January 2013 release of RGraph is now available. This release brings with it a significant increase in speed for effects. This will be most notable in Firefox, Opera and Safari. Everything is affected - but you'll only really notice it if you use effects. You can see the speed increase by comparing the old Bar chart Wave effect and the up-to-date one here: http://www.rgraph.net/docs/animation-and-visual-effects.html#bar.wave The RGraph.DrawXAxis() and RGraph.DrawYAxis() functions have been extended with new options (and as of the February release will be available as Drawing objects too). And the RGraph.ObjectRegistry.getObjectsByType() and RGraph.ObjectRegistry.getFirstObjectByType() have had their argument lists updated - so now you just pass them the type you want.

You can download RGraph here