News and updates for 2015

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The prototypal JavaScript object model

Written by Richard, 19th December 2015

A new article is available that explores the JavaScript object model and explains the various options that you have when using it.

It only talks about the ES5, functional style of object-oriented programming and does not explain the new ES6 classes that are now available.

How does this apply to RGraph?

In order to keep compatibility with older browsers that may not support newer JavaScript features (ie the newer syntax for defining classes) all of the RGraph objects are defined using this style of object definition.

So understanding how JavaScript objects are defined and used will help you when you're working with RGraph.


SVG paths for canvas

Written by Richard, 3rd September 2015

As stated elsewhere canvas paths are (unnecessarily) verbose. The W3C has attempted to aid the issue by introducing support for SVG paths in the new Path2D object.

This new object, however, is not currently widely supported. So RGraph provides a work-around using the RGraph.path() function.

This is a description of that function and a version of it that has been extracted from the RGraph code and works standalone.


9 Good-looking charts that you can find in the demos

Written by Richard, 16th August 2015

Creating good-looking charts isn't terribly difficult - for some people. If like me you're rather limited in graphical abilities then creating attractive charts is not always as straightforward as it sounds.

If you have a graphical designer on hand it can be easy - simply ask them for a mock-up that you can copy the graphical styling from or present them with a chart and say "Make it look pretty!".

But if you're not fortunate enough to have a graphical designer to hand then you're on your own. Almost, (by the way, on a completely unrelated side-note did you know that Google Image Search is a very good tool).

Just thought I would throw that into the mix.

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