News and updates for 2019

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What's happening with RGraph at the moment?

Written by Richard, 24th December 2019

It's Happy Christmas day (more or less)! So I think now would be a good time to let you know what's happening with RGraph.

For the last three weeks, I've been gradually converting the Bar, Gantt, Horizontal Bar, Line, Scatter and Waterfall to all use a single function to draw the X-axis and another function to draw the Y-axis.

This means fewer bugs (hopefully) and simpler code that draws the axes (though the functions are rather large). And because the code is centralised in the common core library the various libraries can have their own axes drawing code removed and thus leading to a smaller set of libraries.

So have a Happy Christmas, a good new Year and look forward to the next version of RGraph. Let's hope that 2020 will be the year of RGraph!


A new version of RGraph is now available - version 5.20

Written by Richard, 8th December 2019

A new version of RGraph has been released

This announcement is a little late coming - but a new version of RGraph has been released - 5.20.

This release contains a number of changes and they can be found on the changelog page.

One thing that I'm happy to announce is the addition of the start of a common X-axis function for the canvas libraries. This means that the charts that use an X-axis (but just the Bar chart at the moment) will have their axis drawing code removed and will use this common function instead.

Overall this will lead to lower page weights and more centralised axis drawing.

Other changes can be viewed on the changelog and you can download the new version on the download page.


A new version of RGraph is now available - version 5.11

Written by Richard, 12th October 2019

A new version of RGraph has been released

Today is a day to rejoice - a new version of RGraph is available! This version - 5.11 - has the main addition of the responsive() function.

` Responsiveness is something that's been somewhat lacking in RGraph thus far - you could do it (by setting the CSS width and height properties on your canvas tag) but now RGraph has a much better way - the responsive() method.

This new function allows you to set the canvas (or SVG) tag width, and height and update the chart properties as you need in order to accommodate smaller screens.

For example you could reduce the size of your chart from 650x300 to 400x200 and then change the options which have been set on the chart.

There's also an easy way to update the CSS properties of the canvas/SVG tag and its parent tag. And you can also specify a callback function to run after the chart has been redrawn.

Other changes can be viewed on the changelog and you can download the new version on the download page.


A new version of RGraph is now available - version 5.02

Written by Richard, 1st August 2019

A new version of RGraph has been released

Today I've released a new version of RGraph - version 5.02. This is a minor release with no massive or really significant changes. Here's a list of the more significant changes - for the full list then you can visit the changelog.


Plans for version 5.1 of RGraph

Written by Richard, 29th July 2019

Update on the next version of RGraph

For the next version of RGraph - version 5.1 - I think I'm going to remove a lot of redundant legacy code. Some of the code in RGraph has been there for over a decade in order to preserve backwards compatibility.

But because it's so old and the current configuration style has been in place for some time it's no longer necessary and is only taking up space (like myself some would say...)!

So the current JSON-based configuration is the only one that will be available but it's the best so there's no great loss.

Here's a short list of what's going to be taken out. It doesn't look like a lot but there will be a lot of testing that will be necessary and a lot of documentation pages will need updating because behind the scenes they use an older configuration style.

This will be the main focus of version 5.1 - possibly the only thing that's in the release (though a few other minor things may sneak in). If you have any other suggestions then let me know what they are using the support forum.


Version 5.01 of RGraph has been released

Written by Richard, 27th May 2019

A new version of RGraph has been released

It's been four months and feels like longer but version 5.01 of RGraph has finally been released. This version is not nearly as comprehensive as version 5.00 was - naturally. It also "finishes things off" that I missed in the long road to version 5.00.

So what has changed? For that you should consult the RGraph changelog. This release also has a few backwards-compatibility changes so you'll also want to consult the backwards-compatibility notices and advisories page too - particularly if you're upgrading from a past version.

Some of the changes include:


The RGraph Google Sheets connector has been upgraded

Written by Richard, 13th May 2019

Google Sheets logo

Previously the Google Sheets connector supported fetching rows, columns and cells by using the get() method. This method has now been updated to also support the fetching of a matrix of cells.

So whereas previously you could fetch individual rows, columns and cells - you can now fetch multiple rows of information in a single operation. For example:

var matrix = sheet.get('A2:E13');

You can see this in action by viewing the example chart on the Google Sheets documentation page.

Also new recently is the PHP version of the Google Sheets connector. So now there are versions available for the canvas and SVG libraries - and now one for PHP too.

You may ask why a PHP version is relevant - there are a couple of reasons that come to mind immediately:

If you don't use PHP then it shouldn't be too difficult for you to take this code and convert it into whatever language that you do use - PHP isn't exactly difficult to read and understand!

So now that's three libraries for Google Sheets - two of which are essentially the same and another for when you're looking to access your spreadsheet from PHP.

If you don't already use Google Sheets then it's well worth a look. It's essentially a web-based Excel.

It doesn't have all of the features of Excel but if your usage isn't too intense then it could save you a lot of money (since Google Sheets is basically free).


The PHP version of the tool is available immediately - and you can download the source code here. The canvas and SVG JavaScript versions will however be available with the next version of RGraph when it's released (version 5.01).


Version 5.00 of RGraph is now available!

Written by Richard, 20th January 2019

A new version of RGraph has been released

Version 5 of RGraph is now available to download. You can get it from the download page:

Obviously, this is a major upgrade so you should definitely read the changelog.

The main changes with this release include the improvement of property names for all chart types (for example gutterLeft has been changed to marginLeft) and the implementation of new text configuration properties (ie font/size/color/bold/italic for all bits of text).

So if you choose to upgrade you will definitely have to consult the API documentation for your chart type(s) to determine the correct property names you need to use from now on.

On a separate note - I've removed the demos from the website so they're now just available in the download. Meaning that the website is down to just 375ish pages - about 355 of which are indexed.

This led to a stint at position 15 on Google. However yesterday, mid-morning, it dropped 5 places immediately down to 20. And now it's 24 (ie on page 3).

So it's clear (to me) that some sort of penalty is in place. What else would cause a 5 place drop like that? I just don't know what the penalty is or why I have it.

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