Adjusting charts: Thermometer charts

Nothing pertinent is kept in the registry. If you wish to get the new value of the Thermometer you can check obj.value. If you want the value before the adjustment, you can check the value with the adjustbegin event (instead of the adjustend event).

    new RGraph.Thermometer({
        id: 'cvs',
        min: 0,
        max: 100,
        value: 78,
        options: {
            marginBottom: 20,
            colors: ['Gradient(orange:white)'],
            titleSide: 'An adj. thermometer',
            adjustable: true
    }).draw().on('adjustbegin', function ()
        // ...
    }).on('adjust', function ()
        // ...
    }).on('adjustend', function ()
        // ...

The RGraph adjusting events

There are three RGraph events associated with adjusting. The adjustbegin event fires when adjusting begins, much like the mousedown event. The adjust event fires during adjusting, much like the mousemove event. The adjustend event fires when adjusting is finished, much like the mouseup event.