Release notes for 2015

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December 2015 (v4.52)

Decembers release introduces the 3D Horizontal Bar chart as promised a few months ago. The 3D HBar chart can be used with the Y axis on the left, right or in the center and probably looks even better if you don't use my choice of colors! Other changes in this release include Bar chart errorbar support, Bar chart tooltips being able to be triggered based on the mouses X position only, forum improvements and other more minor fixes/changes - see the list below

Plans for the next release may include a 3D Radar chart, more website navigation additions, a wave() effect for the HBar chart and I'm toying with the idea of adding a sign-in option for the forum - though I'm unsure about this as I'm not convinced that it's necessary (plus no-one needs another password to remember).

November 2015 (v4.51)

October 2015 (v4.50)

August 2015 (v4.32)

July 2015 (v4.31)


June 2015 (v4.30)

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