A Line chart using the hide() / show() methods

This is a Line chart making use of the hide() and show() methods.

[No canvas support]

This goes in the documents header:
<script src="RGraph.common.core.js"></script> 
<script src="RGraph.line.js"></script>
Put this where you want the chart to show up:
<canvas id="cvs" width="600" height="250">
    [No canvas support]
</canvas><br />
<button onclick="line.hidden(0) ? line.show(0) : line.hide(0)">hide or show the red line</button>
<button onclick="line.hidden(1) ? line.show(1) : line.hide(1)">hide or show the green line</button>
This is the code that generates the chart:
    line = new RGraph.Line({
        id: 'cvs',
        data: [ [5,4,1,6,8,5,3], [7,8,5,4,9,1,5] ],
        options: {
            xaxisLabels: ['Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday','Sunday'],
            marginLeft: 55,
            marginRight: 35,
            marginBottom: 35,
            marginTop: 35,
            title: 'A basic line chart',
            titleBold: true,
            backgroundGridColor: '#aaa',
            backgroundGridDashed: true,
            xaxisLabelsOffsety: 5