A Pie chart using the dollar syntax for events

This is a Pie chart that uses the dollar syntax to attach a custom click event listener to the third segment.

[No canvas support]

This goes in the documents header:
<script src="RGraph.common.core.js"></script>
<script src="RGraph.common.dynamic.js"></script>
<script src="RGraph.pie.js"></script>
Put this where you want the chart to show up:
<canvas id="cvs" width="450" height="250">
    [No canvas support]
This is the code that generates the chart:
    pie = new RGraph.Pie({
        id: 'cvs',
        data: [4,8,4,6,5,3,2,5],
        options: {
            labels: ['Alvin','Pete','Hoolio','Jack','Kev','Luis','Lou','Jesse']
    pie.$2.onclick = function (e, shape)
        alert('The segment was clicked!');
    pie.$2.onmousemove = function (e, shape)
        return true;