An offset X axis Waterfall chart

The Waterfall chart now supports having an offset X axis instead of it just being in the center or at the bottom.

[No canvas support]

This goes in the documents header:
<script src="RGraph.common.core.js"></script>
<script src="RGraph.waterfall.js"></script>
Put this where you want the chart to show up:
<canvas id="cvs" width="700" height="450" >
    [No canvas support]
This is the code that generates the chart:
    new RGraph.Waterfall({
        id: 'cvs',
        data: [5,4,11,-30,4,5,3],
        options: {
            backgroundGridHlinesCount: 6,
            backgroundGridVlines: false,
            backgroundGridBorder: false,
            xaxisLabels: ['Mon','Tue','Wed','Thu','Fri','Sat','Sun',''],
            yaxisLabelsCount: 6,
            yaxisScaleMin: -10,
            yaxisScaleMax: 20,
            yaxisScaleDecimals: 2,
            yaxisScaleUnitsPre: '$',
            yaxisTickmarksCount: 6,
            marginLeft: 50