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July 2014

Subject Author Last updated
export chart shankar 30th July 2014
On mobile when a graph is tapped, it duplicates (2) Jen 30th July 2014
Having both dynamic/static graphs in a page (1) Dave 29th July 2014
Canvas v5 addHitRegion implemented in Chrome Canary Richard 28th July 2014
New stable version of RGraph now available Richard 27th July 2014
line effects makes line disappear (4) GADOI 25th July 2014
This might be self explanatory but... GADOI 24th July 2014
An AVG point in my graph (7) Kalle 24th July 2014
RGraph and IE9 and below (2) Patrick Mischler 23rd July 2014
specifying gradient per bar in multibar-per-row gantt chart (3) James Wing 22nd July 2014
Pie chart - grouping segments below a threshold into "other" (1) Steve 21st July 2014
New RGraph beta Richard 20th July 2014
Dynamically adding and removing lines from Line graph (4) Marin 16th July 2014
Displaying large sets of data (3) Austin 14th July 2014
New RGraph beta with JSON configuration Richard 12th July 2014
High values (1) lucca zenobio 8th July 2014
Change font and style labels (1) Alex 8th July 2014
Horizontal funnel chart with values (1) Zee 8th July 2014
cachedDraw throwing error (3) James Crandall 3rd July 2014
Custom X and Y axis (10) vinay dhyani 3rd July 2014
Legends in multiple lines (3) Wrox 3rd July 2014
Show tooltips on graph before print (1) Naveen 3rd July 2014
Alternating the position of X labels and scaling Y labels (1) GADOI 1st July 2014

June 2014

Subject Author Last updated
Connecting To SQL Server Using asp.net (3) Paul 30th June 2014
Please ignore previous post re xaxis grid Stef Bishop 28th June 2014
scatter diagram grid Stef Bishop 28th June 2014
Showing multiple Bar charts and only the first one displays (5) Ed 27th June 2014
Using an image to clip a bar (2) Rodrigo Aragón 27th June 2014
Error with Bubble chart and interactive keys (4) JC 27th June 2014
Controlling Y axis scale (1) Preben 27th June 2014
Rgraph label wrap (1) Raja 27th June 2014
New stable release of RGraph available Richard 26th June 2014
Dynamic creation of canvas tags in IE8: throw error 'this.context' is null or ... (1) Chad Burgwald 26th June 2014
Interactive Sliding data range selection tool for multiple charts? (1) M. Peebles 25th June 2014
Set different decimal places for different bar in bar chart (1) Mukesh Konde 24th June 2014
X axis- zero number doesn't start at the beginning of the chart (4) Roy 24th June 2014
X axis center on 0 - how? (6) Lee 23rd June 2014
Y axis values in short form (1) Wrox 23rd June 2014
Increase size of chart area. (3) Wrox 23rd June 2014
Change the number of x axis labels (1) Wrox 20th June 2014
Stop the Y axis from automatically scaling (4) Richa Singh 20th June 2014
Zoom part of the chart (1) Wrox 20th June 2014
Can RGraph create quadrant charts? (1) Wrox 20th June 2014
Create a PNG file from a chart (8) Lorenzo 19th June 2014
Inner shadow/bevel with globalCompositeOperation Richard 19th June 2014
How to convert matrix (extracted from .mat file) to bipartite graph (1) Hany 19th June 2014
Feature enquiry - network diagrams (1) Marcel 19th June 2014
Gauge charts problem when min max values are 0/1 - bad spacing and tickmarks (2) mat 18th June 2014
Static Y axis and Scatter chart and tooltips (3) Jason Tan Boon Teck 18th June 2014
When using line graph for current month values it is not alligned to the X axis (2) Stephan 17th June 2014
An example of a spline range chart Richard 16th June 2014
Adjustable Gantt not worrking with multiple events (3) Antonio Tiranti 13th June 2014
New configuration style Richard 13th June 2014
Possible new configuration syntax (1) Richard 12th June 2014
Can't get tooltips working on a grouped HBar chart (1) jean-sebastien 12th June 2014
Bar chart - show tooltips on mouse hover (1) Gareth 12th June 2014
Using images as labels Richard 12th June 2014
$ is an undefined symbol (1) narsimha 10th June 2014
Show totals per line in Gantt chart (1) devOp 10th June 2014
Bar chart with tooltips not working (3) Lorenzo 9th June 2014
Drawing API - bounding box width & placement (1) Matt 9th June 2014
New Bar chart Wave effect demo Richard 8th June 2014
New article about RGraph in an ASP.net environment Richard 7th June 2014
Dynamic text size (3) Pratibha 6th June 2014
Set CSV reader TAB separated values (3) georg 5th June 2014
New Bar chart Wave effect Richard 4th June 2014
Gantt chart with MySQL (1) Rob 3rd June 2014
Stacked bar chart: show total (1) Raymond 2nd June 2014

May 2014

Subject Author Last updated
An income/expenditure bar chart Richard 30th May 2014
Radar chart - multiple data sets - different colors for chart.highlights.stroke? (1) Larry Zhou 30th May 2014
The value.text.boxed option is not working on the Gauge chart (1) Gregory Phillips 30th May 2014
Special characters in Pie labels don't work (2) Okoth 30th May 2014
Hide tooltips onmouseout (1) Nuriel 29th May 2014
Chart will not draw with hover (1) Mike Mantey 27th May 2014
HBar with Y axis positioned at the right (8) Luiz Varanda 25th May 2014
Tree view structure in RGraph (1) Asim Bagwan 23rd May 2014
A segmented Meter chart Richard 19th May 2014
Multiple scales for grouped Bar chart (3) Vlad 19th May 2014
Line data for partial year extended across Y axis (3) Bernie Lindsey 18th May 2014
Numbers larger than 999 are not shown on Y axis (1) Martin 16th May 2014
Getting error message: "RGraph.Line is not a constructor" (2) Martin 16th May 2014
Looking for canvas drag and drop help (1) Mike Cheatham 16th May 2014
Make Y axis auto scale (2) Richa Singh 15th May 2014
Chart not showing tooltip and drag points (1) Richa Singh 14th May 2014
Rose chart doesn't find the canvas (1) jose luis 14th May 2014
set labels upside or downside on chart (5) jlost55 13th May 2014
Charts wont display on IE11 (1) Euan 13th May 2014
Chart with Y axis from -400 to 1200 (16) jlost55 13th May 2014
Got a feature suggestion? Richard 12th May 2014
Files and folders need to create the charts (1) Ruben 12th May 2014
RGraph drawing API - The X axis object (1) Roy 12th May 2014
Tooltips not showing on Bar chart (7) F Webb 9th May 2014
Using Bar chart with group (20) Ruben 9th May 2014
Firefox and Safari cannot display Scatter chart (4) Jason Tan Boon Teck 9th May 2014
How can I set the number of labels on a Meter (2) Richard Roeder 8th May 2014
Line chart, Firefox & Mac, no line (7) Colin Harris 8th May 2014
Alignment of Donut chart (1) Kris Knowles 7th May 2014
Problem with grow() Bar chart (6) Ruben 7th May 2014
Bounding text bolder? (3) jlost55 7th May 2014
Chart with 30 lines (17) jlost55 6th May 2014
Save chart as PNG on server AFTER drawing effect ends (1) Carlos 6th May 2014
An image of the better 3D bar chart Richard 5th May 2014
Change z-index of in-graph labels (1) jlost55 5th May 2014
Full reset, ObjectRegistry clear - trash everything (1) Paul 2nd May 2014
Showing Line chart and the Line shoots up (2) Steven 2nd May 2014

April 2014

Subject Author Last updated
RGraph feature question (1) Sara 30th April 2014
How does RGraph handle epoch datestamps? (3) Neil Watson 30th April 2014
Crosshairs tablets & smartphones? (4) jlost55 29th April 2014
Stipulating the z-order of charts (1) Jose 28th April 2014
New 3D bar chart example Richard 27th April 2014
Bar colors - keeping the gradient when change the default color (4) F Webb 25th April 2014
Internet problem: reset canvas (10) jlost55 25th April 2014
How to export RGraph into excel (1) Pratibha 25th April 2014
How to display Y axis value on the right side when Bar and Line chart is combo c... (2) Pratibha 25th April 2014
X axis text isn't aligned with background grid and values (1) Anon 24th April 2014
Multiple HBar charts on one canvas? Or a canvas for each? (1) arny 24th April 2014
Tooltip mousemove (3) jlost55 23rd April 2014
Custom mouse cursor in chart (14) jlost55 23rd April 2014
Need multiple titles on Donut chart (1) Rabesh 23rd April 2014
How to configure the font for labels? (1) Ileven 22nd April 2014
Using RGraph within CakePHP...simple chart is not showing up (4) Neil 18th April 2014
Line chart: Out of bounds (8) jlost55 18th April 2014
Reading the X value (2) jlost55 17th April 2014
Y axis values on the Scatter chart (13) Matej Komar 16th April 2014
Multiple Y axis with variable X axis length (8) Senne 16th April 2014
RGraph.AJAX.getCSV('/getdata.html', myAJAXCallback); using memory - memory leak? (3) Dennis 16th April 2014
How to dynamically load JS files in the RGraph? (1) Ileven 16th April 2014
Internet Explorer caching CSV file (1) PJM 16th April 2014
RGraph not working on Chrome 34 with disable accelerated 2D canvas disabled (4) Thomas Williams 15th April 2014
Line chart with filled lines and not filled lines + How many lines can I draw in... (2) jlost55 15th April 2014
Setting multiple Scatter chart data sets in one go? (1) Paul 14th April 2014
Annotate line width (1) Patrick 14th April 2014
Add drag n drop to the Gantt chart (4) Henadzi 14th April 2014
Height of the Bar should auto-change according the values of ylabels.specific (3) Ileven 14th April 2014
Minimum size JavaScripts require for Gauge chart (6) Dennis 12th April 2014
New RGraph Line chart demo Richard 11th April 2014
How to set Gauge needle to update faster (3) Dennis 11th April 2014
A new blog article showing an interactive example of the HTML5 canvas arcTo func... Richard 10th April 2014
How to update real-time data to gauge-ajax.html (2) Dennis 10th April 2014
Rectangular selection feature? (2) Gunni 10th April 2014
Charting SharePoint 2013 Data Using RGraph Dave 10th April 2014
Y axis with a scale of 200 (4) jlost55 10th April 2014
Spline drawing overshoots outside ymax (1) Lodewijk 10th April 2014
Key labels (1) sam 10th April 2014
How to setup AJAX demos to work offline (2) Dennis 9th April 2014
How to divide RGraph.common.core.js into 2 files (2) Dennis 9th April 2014
The getCanvasTag function does not exist (2) sam 9th April 2014
hbar-basic.html i need a VBscript array to be used as my axis (4) arny 8th April 2014
JavaScript alert when browser size is too small (1) perollet 8th April 2014
Change the title to the X axis (1) John 7th April 2014
Y labels customisation using a callback function (1) Danny 4th April 2014
Gauge grow function is buggy (1) smartbloke 2nd April 2014

March 2014

Subject Author Last updated
The isPointInStroke function added to reference Richard 30th March 2014
An example of HTML5 canvas Path2D objects Richard 29th March 2014
New stable version of RGraph released - RGraph3 Richard 28th March 2014
Data in RGraph Line chart (4) ruben 27th March 2014
Draw Lines over image (3) Patrick 26th March 2014
CSV Stacked Bar chart (5) Xavier 26th March 2014
Adjustable Line graph can't change label.above value (2) Zsolt Kovács 26th March 2014
BoxPlot - mmark the median value (3) Jerish 26th March 2014
Redraw of stacked bar chart (2) Antonio Vianello 25th March 2014
Strange span inside the chart (6) Emanuele 24th March 2014
RGraph drawing API Y axis X coordinates (7) Emanuele 24th March 2014
Changing the text orientation of X axis Labels on Bar chart (1) Eldho 24th March 2014
Bar chart key position and colors (1) Antonio Vianello 24th March 2014
How to use RGraph with Sharepoint? (1) fahad 24th March 2014
Drupal module created (5) xlyz 21st March 2014
Line chart with spline = true runs off the chart for NULL values (1) Richard 19th March 2014
Meter (1) Larry Mahar 18th March 2014
Removing 0 values from stacked Bar Chart (2) a13 18th March 2014
Zero on Y axis. (3) Raissam 18th March 2014
Remove thousands separator from X axis scale (1) Samuel 17th March 2014
Tickmarks always at top or bottom of spline and no spline below zero (2) Alexis 14th March 2014
Label of gridlines (1) Buster 13th March 2014
Disable Increase in size in the Pie chart RoundRobin effect (1) Andrew K 13th March 2014
Radar chart numbering count question (1) cash 12th March 2014
Bar chart with Y axis object? (1) michel K 12th March 2014
CSV reader with the Scatter chart (5) Patrick 11th March 2014
bar chart (1) taoye 11th March 2014
Negative values in Line charts (2) Toni Mofardin 10th March 2014
Questions (1) Pierce Maher 10th March 2014
Bar with multiple lines (3) Raissam 10th March 2014
Charts appear different in different browsers (2) Kris Knowles 7th March 2014
Error in documentation for Rose Chart (1) Victor Ulasevich 7th March 2014
ID-10T Error James Brown 5th March 2014
Key on combined chart (1) James Brown 5th March 2014
RGraph3 released Richard 4th March 2014
Rescale Scatter chart X scale (2) Patrick 3rd March 2014
Memory issue when using 50 charts (1) zing 3rd March 2014

February 2014

Subject Author Last updated
Tooltip container (4) Ben 28th February 2014
Adding different colors to different edges (1) Vamsi 28th February 2014
Line chart not being drawn correctly - safari issue (7) Arkadiy 27th February 2014
Stoped working in Firefox 27.0.1 / Safari (Mac OS) (3) Daniel 27th February 2014
Labels missing the zero label on a Line graph (2) Rodolphe 27th February 2014
Mousemove canvas event handler (5) Sylvain 25th February 2014
Centering labels on X axis ticks (1) hisuwh 25th February 2014
Gradient Background on the canvas tag (1) Pete Benes 24th February 2014
When resizing the canvas background goes black (1) Massimiliano 24th February 2014
Array with nulls not populate chart as expected (1) Stephan 24th February 2014
Incorrect plot values in Line chart (1) Ramya 24th February 2014
Labels having an apostrophe in the data (1) Mike 24th February 2014
Automatically display tooltip in Scatter chart (2) George 24th February 2014
A new article about using the drawImage() function to boost performance Richard 23rd February 2014
A Barchart progress bar Richard 21st February 2014
Donut chart (or Pie chart) within Donut Chart (4) Alexis 20th February 2014
Problem with the Line chart 'filled' property (2) Alexis 19th February 2014
How can I show four,six or more canvas in the same web page, I would appreciate ... (1) gilberto heranndez 19th February 2014
TypeError: Argument 1 of CanvasRenderingContext2D.setLineDash can't be converted... (3) Will Kostelecky 18th February 2014
Yellow line appearing on the canvas (1) Jose 17th February 2014
RGraph not working in Firefox 27.0.1 (2) Pete 17th February 2014
Android Studio and RGraph examples (1) Niyazi Toros 16th February 2014
New spline/Bar combo demo available Richard 16th February 2014
Problems to clear chart (3) Ruben 15th February 2014
Export an RGraph chart to a PDF file (1) hcereceda 14th February 2014
Clearing a 'context' without clearing other contexts that overlap (1) tan lux 14th February 2014
Interactive key and tooltip (2) Alexis 13th February 2014
Bar chart background grid and Wave effect Richard 12th February 2014
vertical bands similar to background.hbars (3) Balazs 11th February 2014
Is there an RGraph Github repository? (2) Jeff 11th February 2014
Bar chart above label rotation (2) Peter 11th February 2014
RGraph and canvas drawing conflict with pre-existing canvas scripts (1) David 10th February 2014
Set xmax property of a Scatter chart (5) Bill 10th February 2014
When using the RGraph CSV reader to read from database, negative values are not ... (2) Stephan 9th February 2014
Forthcoming RGraph3 updates Richard 7th February 2014
Line chart with multiple Y axis doesn't support crosshair on all Lines (2) Stephan 7th February 2014
Adapting animations to do different stuff (4) Mike 7th February 2014
Tooltips with multiple Bar columns (2) Peter 7th February 2014
Scatter chart: tickmarks don't show and labels are spaced evenly (1) Greg 3rd February 2014

January 2014

Subject Author Last updated
New article about RGraph Richard 31st January 2014
Event listener for a Line as a whole rather than data points (2) Laura Gilbert 31st January 2014
your catchpas Laura Gilbert 31st January 2014
Why use CSS 2D translates over top/bottom/left/right positioning Richard 30th January 2014
HBar chart not appearing (1) Vanessa 30th January 2014
Resize VProgress bar with user input (1) zing 27th January 2014
Line chart specifying X and Y coordinates (6) Pete 23rd January 2014
Gauge chart border width (1) Othmar 23rd January 2014
Line chart negative values (1) Peter 22nd January 2014
Bar chart dynamic data array for plotting, label and tooltip (1) AJ 22nd January 2014
Question: Do you use IE7/8? (2) RGraph support 22nd January 2014
Drag and drop for Pie chart (4) Siva 22nd January 2014
Almost finished, but my conceal effect isn't working :( (6) mike 22nd January 2014
Pie chart RoundRobin effect from a particular angle (3) Siva 21st January 2014
IE8 label problem? (1) Dennis 21st January 2014
RGraph drill down Pie chart (2) Siva 21st January 2014
RGraph drawing API Y axis not working on IE8 (4) AJ 20th January 2014
Cleared canvas but showed again (1) Viola 20th January 2014
The jQuery Expand effect Richard 18th January 2014
Get canvas with a reference instead of an id (8) David Bonet 16th January 2014
CSV Reader Errant Data (1) Michael 15th January 2014
Need an example for stacked and grouped bar chart (1) Jaga 15th January 2014
Y label position and limit number of showing X label in Bar chart (3) xianxian 14th January 2014
Transparent color problem (2) Othmar Gattringer 13th January 2014
Don't want to display positive Y axis scale if data is negative (6) Chirag 10th January 2014
Blurry text on mobile (8) dan 9th January 2014
Style Labels Line chart (2) Lycan91 9th January 2014
How to sett chart property if my data have negative value? (5) mars 9th January 2014
AJAX (CSV or XML) Line chart, changing data points (3) Mike 8th January 2014
New blog article: When to use semi-colons after functions. Richard 8th January 2014
Smaller size for Meter chart (2) Pascal MALAISE 7th January 2014
Reduce background size in the Meter chart (1) shabahath 7th January 2014
Useability matrix display (1) Gaurav 6th January 2014
Right side Y axis label (7) Kevin Morwood 6th January 2014
New LinkedIn page RGraph support 4th January 2014
Single click kills all charts (4) ItinerantEngineer 3rd January 2014
Syntax error in RGraph.radar.js (3) Joseph R 3rd January 2014

December 2013

Subject Author Last updated
December 2013 release of RGraph RGraph support 31st December 2013
Using a variable for date/time Scatter chart (8) dan 31st December 2013
How do I make my Rose chart labels bold? (4) Pallavi 31st December 2013
Writing the temperature value with a different color (1) Graham Lawrence 30th December 2013
How to drag the Meter/Gauge chart needles? (3) shabahath 30th December 2013
ymax Line chart displacement bug (4) Kacper 29th December 2013
Multiple line key (1) Vrushali 27th December 2013
Plots not shown (3) J Likonen 27th December 2013
No canvas text in Firefox 26 RGraph support 26th December 2013
Scatter and multidimensional data arrays (2) Curt Jeffreys 20th December 2013
Chart labels with subscripts (1) mark winger 20th December 2013
Setting color of the white border around chart area (1) Mark Hansen 19th December 2013
X axis labels (1) Vrushali 19th December 2013
How to draw WindRose and PollRose (4) Pallavi 18th December 2013
Multiple instances of RGraph (5) Matt 17th December 2013
How do you change the labels set for a Line chart? (7) Mike McPherson 16th December 2013
Specify the xaxispos (1) Matze 15th December 2013
Color between two or more lines (2) Matze 14th December 2013
RGraph not shown in IE8 and IE7 (1) Rabesh Lal Shrestha 13th December 2013
The this.canvas variable is null in RGraph.pie.js results in runtime error (1) Rich Ward 12th December 2013
Null values in Line and Bar chart (8) Max 12th December 2013
Replicate a simple AJAX rendered Line chart (2) Vincent Devine 11th December 2013
Tooltip behavior when drawing lines (4) Massimo Sansalone 11th December 2013
Convert an RGraph chart to HTML (1) vrushali 10th December 2013
Get rid of labels on stacked Bar chart with no value (5) Antonio Vianello 9th December 2013
New Pie chart demo RGraph support 8th December 2013
Adding target value in RGraph (Line chart) (1) Muhammad Adnan 6th December 2013
RGraph website now with menu hints! RGraph support 5th December 2013
Click event resets chart orientation (6) Argie 5th December 2013
X axis labels on the Line chart (1) vrushali 4th December 2013
Line chart points (1) Vrushali 3rd December 2013
Call a zoom function from out side of canvas (4) Gaurav 2nd December 2013
How to set background color ranges? (1) shabahath 2nd December 2013
Meter chart of needle issue in 4..2 Andriod version (1) shabahath 2nd December 2013
How to set background image in RGraph Meter chart? (1) shabahath 2nd December 2013

November 2013

Subject Author Last updated
How to delete from memory a chart object (3) Eduardo Quintana 29th November 2013
Meter guage of needle issue in 4.2+ Andriod version (1) shabahath 29th November 2013
How to print the chart (5) Vrushali 28th November 2013
New drawing API text object link options RGraph support 27th November 2013
Line chart zoom in and zoom out (3) Vrushali 27th November 2013
Problems with multiple CSV operations on same page. (2) John 26th November 2013
Drawing API text object link option RGraph support 25th November 2013
RGraph not supporting ASP.Net bundling and minification (1) Anuraj 22nd November 2013
Chart cannot process data from array variable (float) (1) Sherlocked 21st November 2013
Legends in two lines (9) Anus 19th November 2013
Keys hides the charts (1) Eli 18th November 2013
Possible jQuery dependency for RGraph3 RGraph support 18th November 2013
Scatter chart with stepped and filled line? (3) Keith 15th November 2013
Remove scale from Horizontal Progress Bar (2) A.S. 15th November 2013
Tooltips for multiline charts (5) Anus 15th November 2013
Show tooltip regardless of Y position (12) Aximili 15th November 2013
Problem with drawing text (1) Antonio Vianello 11th November 2013
Save a combined Bar and Line chart to server (1) Andry Zulfikar 10th November 2013
Exponential scale on Y axis (1) Antonio Vianello 8th November 2013
Funnel link (3) kp 8th November 2013
Stacked Bar chart with whole column clickable (5) Antonio Vianello 6th November 2013
When using ymin the zero does not appear (9) Toby 5th November 2013
Memory leak with Midori in Raspberry Pi (1) Edward R 5th November 2013
Adjust line chart marks on X axis (3) Brandon 4th November 2013
Multiple tooltips (5) Philip W 4th November 2013
When the animated chart is in progress, something magic just happen! (2) Leo Yuan 3rd November 2013

October 2013

Subject Author Last updated
Updating a Gauge with new data (2) Bernard Brault 31st October 2013
Canvas not working on Chrome or IE (3) Justin Wagner 30th October 2013
iOS 7 and Bar charts (1) Robert Campbell 30th October 2013
Crosshair and tooltip pointer (2) Bruno Gonçalves 30th October 2013
Vertical line onmousemove (4) Bruno Gonçalves 28th October 2013
You don't have permission to access /libraries/RGraph.common.core.js on this ser... (1) Honza 28th October 2013
Resize Chart with CSS (1) Curt Jeffreys 28th October 2013
Pie chart colors (3) Jan 25th October 2013
Horizontal Bar JavaScript errors (7) Paul 25th October 2013
Curve in a Line chart (1) Luke 25th October 2013
PIe chart on IE9 (5) Mukesh 24th October 2013
Highlight a bar without an event (1) Nathan Lipke 23rd October 2013
Scatter chart not showing tooltips (1) Ed 22nd October 2013
New article about the new currentTransform property RGraph support 22nd October 2013
The dotted/dashed option doesn't work in Line chart (1) sonZ 22nd October 2013
RGraph legend hide show (6) Gaurav 22nd October 2013
X axis print label from up to down (1) Gaurav 22nd October 2013
X axis multi line labels (1) Gaurav 21st October 2013
Wrap - up alignment (4) Rajani 21st October 2013
New address for forum RGraph support 19th October 2013
Highlight single tickmark (1) Will Kostelecky 18th October 2013
Getting errors in Firebug (5) Priyanka 17th October 2013
Colors for Bar chart (9) Archana 17th October 2013
Unique IDs in Gantt chart (1) Erik 17th October 2013
How so I draw five lines (1) Jessace 17th October 2013
One Y axis on the left and other on the right (4) A.S. 16th October 2013
Two Y axes (2) as 16th October 2013
Pie chart background color (2) Hassan 14th October 2013
Drill down Bar chart (17) Archana 14th October 2013
Stacked Bar chart redraw smaller not clearing (5) Nathan Lipke 14th October 2013
IE / window.onload & AJAX (2) Kevin Morwood 11th October 2013
RGraph showing old image (1) gaurav 11th October 2013
interpolateNulls equivalent in RGraph Line chart? (2) James C 8th October 2013
New beta release of RGraph with new demos RGraph Support 8th October 2013
Is a Bell curve possible? (1) Peter 8th October 2013
Are horizontal box plots possible? (2) Daniel 8th October 2013
Remove space where title would be (2) K 7th October 2013
Two Bar charts on one page (2) Ryan 7th October 2013
Radar chart start angle (1) Steve D'Amico 7th October 2013
Chrome Version 30.0.1599.66 m | Uncaught TypeError: Type error (2) Bruno Gonçalves 3rd October 2013
IE9.0 (1) Pallavi 3rd October 2013
Pie chart on iE9 (3) vrushali 3rd October 2013
Margin between X axis and its corresponding labels (1) Neeraj 2nd October 2013
New stable release of RGraph RGraph support 1st October 2013
Cornergauge and tooltips (1) Sara 1st October 2013

September 2013

Subject Author Last updated
Y axis position on Scatter chart (3) Paul 30th September 2013
Cannot clear the canvas (2) Julie Gong 28th September 2013
New blog article about using drawImage with a canvas instead of an image RGraph Support 27th September 2013
Choose corner for Cornergauge (3) Will Kostelecky 26th September 2013
RGraph tooltip function for Android not working (1) Ksh 26th September 2013
Transition speed (5) Omoprhy 26th September 2013
New Bar chart bevel effect (2) RGraph support 25th September 2013
Using the same canvas for multiple charts (3) kiran 25th September 2013
Making a Line dashed (7) Jared B 25th September 2013
The onclick event and alignment (6) prosenjit 25th September 2013
Line chart with simple line and filled area (1) Will Kostelecky 24th September 2013
X axis origin label (5) Larry Mahar 24th September 2013
Frequent not defined error (24) Priyanka 23rd September 2013
Gauge chart colors (2) Richard Roeder 20th September 2013
Example code for the Horizontal Bar chart (2) GerryWest 18th September 2013
RGraph Pie/Donut chart in IE8 if all or some values are 0 (14) James 18th September 2013
Integrate RGraph on Eclipse BIRT (1) tolotra 18th September 2013
Timeline like Google Charts? (1) Paul Blanchard 15th September 2013
An example of the new HTML5 canvas resetTransform function RGraph support 13th September 2013
Bar chart onclick event (1) Pallavi 13th September 2013
RGraph on IE11 (1) aaron nighelli 12th September 2013
Outline missing when saving as image (4) Fred 9th September 2013
New RGraph beta RGraph support 7th September 2013
Tooltip in a stacked Bar chart (2) Antonio Vianello 6th September 2013
Dynamic Line with lots of points (1) Long 5th September 2013
Pie chart in Internet Explorer (3) Vrushali 3rd September 2013
Get the max y value used by a chart (1) Antonio Vianello 3rd September 2013
Dynamically update stacked Radar chart (1) Jan Barani 3rd September 2013
Marker on Scatter chart on day/hour change (4) Antonio Vianello 2nd September 2013

August 2013

Subject Author Last updated
RGraph.chart.key (5) Goldy 30th August 2013
AMD ready (3) rochejul 29th August 2013
Bar graph live data update not working (5) Kevin Morwood 29th August 2013
Combined stacked bar chart (1) Antonio Vianello 29th August 2013
New chart type (1) Kevin Morwood 29th August 2013
boxplot / scatter negative y-axis scaling issue - invalid values when ymax = 0 (3) RyanG 28th August 2013
Bug Report: Adjustable Range Line Chart (1) Patrick Li 28th August 2013
Data with time stamps -> X-axis that displays dates (5) Jeppe 28th August 2013
How to set min and max y values? (1) Andrew 27th August 2013
New RGraph.each() API function RGraph support 26th August 2013
Shaded Error Bar (4) Patrick Li 22nd August 2013
A clickable filled Line chart RGraph support 22nd August 2013
moving tooltips (3) Philip W 22nd August 2013
Making Line Chart Line completely clickable (2) Jared B 22nd August 2013
axis labels rose chart (1) Guy 22nd August 2013
Combined line/bar: change line to behind the bars? (4) Rachel 19th August 2013
Version (1) George 19th August 2013
New example of using DIV tags for hit testing RGraph support 16th August 2013
Updating gauges with AJAX (18) Laurie 14th August 2013
changing cvs getting data from mysql database (15) Guy 14th August 2013
proportion between width, height and chart.ymax (3) Shivangi 14th August 2013
RGraph forum search RGraph support 13th August 2013
White labels and titles on black background not really white (1) Michael Cortez 13th August 2013
Graphical line - distance between different values (1) Rodrigo Santos 13th August 2013
newlines in in-graph labels? (5) Laura Gilbert 12th August 2013
Numbers with Percent symbol (1) emil 12th August 2013
chart.labels.ingraph (1) vrushali 12th August 2013
ajax update (1) johan 12th August 2013
Long Lable name on Bar/ Line X axis (2) Anurag 12th August 2013
RGraph Guage Grow (1) GroG 9th August 2013
Clear RGraph Line Graph (1) Jack 9th August 2013
Data Labels (Values) in Line chart (2) Charly S. 8th August 2013
Charting Bar and Pie charts using external CVS file (6) Roman 8th August 2013
Pie chart labels.ingraph.specific array (4) Omorphy 8th August 2013
Limit number of labels on a meter? (1) Sara 8th August 2013
Set Y axis interval manually (1) Ishwar 7th August 2013
RGraph.AJAX.POST needs to convert string to object (2) Vicente Herrera 7th August 2013
chart.events.click (5) Arnaud 5th August 2013
Stacked bar chart colours (1) Parag 5th August 2013
Graphviz node like (1) Arnaud 5th August 2013
New RGraph CSV reader RGraph support 4th August 2013
How many lines does a multiple-line chart allows? (1) Hoksung 2nd August 2013
Looks like the clear function is not working for ajax request (2) May 2nd August 2013
original_data equivalent in scatter plots (5) Joakim Lindén 2nd August 2013
Labels inside Pie Chart (3) Allistar 1st August 2013
Removing bounding box from labels.ingraph (2) Omoprhy 1st August 2013
August 2013 RGraph release RGraph support 1st August 2013
Graph in Iphone (4) Shivangi 1st August 2013
Line graph datum colouring (3) Mark 1st August 2013
Dynamic canvas size, need dynamic guttering? (1) Schultz 1st August 2013

July 2013

Subject Author Last updated
How do I set the key color? (1) arnaud 31st July 2013
Radar Y Axis maximum value (3) Dizon 31st July 2013
Is it possible to make the Y values go from lower value to higher? (7) imbaimba 30th July 2013
Add/Remove line to a canvas chart (2) Arnaud 29th July 2013
The text2() font color, chart.borders color and chart.background.barcolorX repet... (1) Bjorn Sandvik 29th July 2013
Auto size of Y axis (1) Aaron 29th July 2013
Problem with multi-line tooltips on IE10? (2) Todd Hoffman 26th July 2013
New "vertical" CSV basic example (3) RGraph support 24th July 2013
Tooltips and scroll (12) Lo 24th July 2013
Gantt chart and chart.labels.inbar (2) Arne-Morten Danielsen 24th July 2013
Are there visual themes available? (1) Omar 24th July 2013
Dynamic Bar chart with one line (1) Schultz 23rd July 2013
Drawing API Y axis labels and bold title (2) Andy 23rd July 2013
Horizotal Bar chart with vertical average line (2) Mike 23rd July 2013
Data point for stacked Bar showing even when value is 0 (2) Piyush 22nd July 2013
An example of HTML5 canvas video zoom RGraph support 20th July 2013
Patch to add chart.labels.above.color option (1) FReZ 20th July 2013
Suggestion: Thermometer scale/label decimals (5) Sascha W. 19th July 2013
Implementing a dynamic Line chart and dynamic Bar chart (1) Schultz 18th July 2013
New "quarter axis" support RGraph support 18th July 2013
An example of HTML5 canvas video RGraph support 17th July 2013
Need onmousemove implementation help (5) Dan 17th July 2013
Dynamic chart with a mouseover crosshair (5) Schultz 17th July 2013
Hide certain lines in a Line chart (1) Antonio Vianello 16th July 2013
Dynamic Line charts with more than one line (1) Antonio Vianello 16th July 2013
Gauge chart with multiple needles (1) Antonio Vianello 16th July 2013
Label above to Bar chart (1) Deepak 12th July 2013
Bug in Bar/Line combo Y axis? (5) Dustin Boswell 11th July 2013
Line chart go under the X axis for 0 values (5) May 11th July 2013
Redraw on tooltip hide (2) Mark 10th July 2013
Rose petals value change (3) Rishat Zakirov 10th July 2013
Dynamically updating chart not working (10) Antonio Vianello 10th July 2013
Windows 8 bugs (1) Philip Wiggins 9th July 2013
Set title with newline in Bar chart (2) Reggie 9th July 2013
AJAX caching in Internet Explorer (1) Antonio Vianello 9th July 2013
Implementation in ASP.NET (1) Pankaj Mishra 9th July 2013
Dynamic Gauges (1) Antonio Vianello 9th July 2013
How to load data from file on local drive, no web server (2) Jeppe 9th July 2013
Meter / Gauge chart suggestions (1) Dustin Boswell 8th July 2013
Line chart breaking when animating multiple charts (3) Brad 8th July 2013
How to resize canvas to 100% (10) Bram Crins 8th July 2013
Key font and font size (1) Vrushali 8th July 2013
Line charts that automatically updates with time (2) XaroRSA 7th July 2013
set up Bar's width Rgraph.Bar's chart? (15) Carol.Fievet 5th July 2013
Odometer: inverted expected values (4) Charly S. 3rd July 2013
Different color for each bar on a Bar chart (5) Mukesh 2nd July 2013
Datum pixel coordinates (2) Mark 2nd July 2013
RGraph with background as image (1) Asawari 1st July 2013

June 2013

Subject Author Last updated
Close ??? show incorrect custom tickmarks in small canvases (22) Matt 27th June 2013
Bug: Incorrect labels when using an X scale and xmin in a Scatter chart (2) Wouter 27th June 2013


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