I have some questions about the 3D Bar chart

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Posted by m2000 on 30th January 2018
Hello i am using the 3D canvas chart inside a PHP script

1. When i print it out (var bar = new RGraph.Bar("cvs", allchartdata);)
There is always a transform: skewY(7,5deg); but when i save it as a PNG the skewY is suddenly gone.
I tried a few things:
set the value with css,
bar.Set("yscale", false);
nothing could fix the problem. I'd like to have 0 skew

2. how can i get rid of the grey x and y axis (3D chart)? with chart.noaxes the grey stripe stays there only the black x/y axis are gone.

I hope somebody can help me
Posted by Richard on 30th January 2018
Hi there,

1. Using the print preview in Chrome when I choose to print the page it looks fine. And if I choose the "print to PDF option" the PDF file looks OK too.

I was using this demo as a page to print:


2. I think these properties will do what you require:

variantThreedYaxis: false
variantThreedXaxis: false

Posted by m2000 on 31st January 2018
thank's for your help.
variantThreedYaxis: false
variantThreedXaxis: false
did work

And the other issue i've "solved" with CSS.
{ transform: skewY(0.0deg)!important; }

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