3D Pie chart old label sticks functionality no longer working

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Posted by Ron Henderson on 15th August 2016

I really enjoy your graphing library. I am the co-author of the Network Security Toolkit (www.networksecuritytoolkit.org) - NST and use your 3D Pie charting for visualizing deep packet inspection protocols.

Since version 4.54 you introduced a new 3D-Pie chart Sticks labeling method that seems to break older functionality:

If I do not use the new 'labelsSticksList' property the following issues occur:

1) labelsSticksColors - Not honored. Both the label sticks color are forced to the color of the Pie sector color. I assume the both the stick color and the stick label color are set by this property.

2) The position of the stick label is now not located at the end of the stick but at some other on known position???

Can you allow the older functionality to be preserved? Your new method actually for me seems to have a more distracting look. I prefer your original functionality.

Thank you for your fine work and support.

Ron Henderson
Posted by Richard on 15th August 2016
Hi there,

1) If you use the following configuratuion you set the colors independently:

labelsSticks: true,
labelsSticksColors: ['red', 'green', 'blue', 'pink'],
labelsSticksUsecolors: false,
colors: ['green','blue','red','pink']

2) You might need to turn off accessible text:

textAccessible: false


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