I couldn't find a way to add or remove a line on a canvas chart

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Posted by Arnaud on 27th July 2013

I could find the way to propose a graph where you can add or remove a type of data. For instance : Nb Calls, Response Time, Number of errors...


Posted by Arnaud on 27th July 2013
Got it :

This method clears the ObjectRegistry back to a state where nothing is registered. You can optionally give it either a canvas tag ID (a string) or the actual canvas tag itself (as returned by document.getElementById()) and the clearing of the ObjectRegistry will be limited to that canvas.
File: RGraph.common.core.js

This function is similar to the Clear() function but limits the clearing action to those objects of the specified type.
File: RGraph.common.core.js
Posted by RGraph support on 29th July 2013
Hi there,

You can also add or remove data sets to the "obj.original_data" array and then call RGraph.Redraw();


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