Can I have an AJAX/PHP/MySQL trend line?

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Posted by JPL on 1st January 2016
Hello all.

I would like to have an dfynamic refresh on my graph (trend line) like Demos/line07.html from the pack. or

But I'd like to get the data from my SQL database.

I made a first part in php that calls the data to place them into an array $data.
I have the DrawGraph completed like I can find from this site.

         d1 = <?php print($data_string) ?>;
         if (d1.length > 250) {
             d1 = RGraph.array_shift(d1);

         if (document.all && RGraph.isIE8()) {
             alert('[MSIE] Sorry, Internet Explorer 8 is not fast enough to support animated charts');
         } else {
             window.__rgraph_line__.original_data[0] = d1;
             setTimeout(drawGraph, 100);

The Php $data_string is called only once. How can I refresh this?

Many thanks
Posted by RGraph support on 14th February 2013

You would need to use AJAX to get new data and then updated your d1 array. Then do a redraw. More on AJAX here:

There's also a HOWTO guide for updating your chart here:

RGraph Support

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