How do I get AJAX updating working with my Gauge?

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Posted by johan on 11th August 2013
hi there,

i've made a nice example with your gauge, i am using a mysql database for the data. it's showing the value in my gauge, but for updating the gauge i want to use ajax..

just like in:

i've copied the gauge-ajax.html and getdata.html to the correct location on my webserver (just for trying), but no updates, no moves...

the link: works fine, and that is what i want..

Posted by RGraph support on 12th August 2013
Hi there,

Remember that if the file on your server doesn't change - neither will your Gauge. The getData.html file on is actually a script and changes every time you get the file (try hitting refresh to see the data change). For testing try just using a random number:

setInterval(function ()
     // obj.value = RGraph.AJAX.getNumber('/getData.html');

     obj.value = RGraph.random(0,100);
}, 1000)

And then, when you have that working, change it to get the new value from AJAX instead of it being generated randomly.

Richard, RGraph Support

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