I have a question about the alignment of Donut chart segments

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Posted by Kris Knowles on 7th May 2014
I have a client who has a very clear vision of how he wants the doughnut chart to appear. I have put together this jsfiddle for your reference with the relevant bits.


Basically if you look at the doughnut, the spacing between each segment is not consistent and also if you zoom in you can see that the parts don't line up, so if you go from top middle and go clockwise, you will see that the final segment is kind of a few pixels above the starting point.

Is it the parameters I am using. The client wants it to look all consistent with consistent spacing and so everything lines up.

Could you have a look for me please and let me know what I can do to improve it.

For some reason the roundrobin and explode didn't seem to work in JSFiddle so I just commented it out as you will see.
Posted by Richard on 7th May 2014
Hi there,

It's because the segments are significantly different values - one small and the other bigger.I don't think there's much you can do - perhaps turn off the shadow and use the linewidth setting as a pseudo-explode .


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