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Posted by rochejul on 28th August 2013

I would know if there is a js file somewhere which contains AMD configuration for the RGraph project ?

Thank you for your reply.


Julien Roche
Posted by RGraph support on 28th August 2013
Hi there,

I don't know what you mean by "AMD configuration" - so probably not.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by rochejul on 29th August 2013

AMD means "Asynchronous Module Definition" ( This is the abality to load asynchronously JavaScript modules (

We can create a structured API / Application easily.

Some best frameworks about that are RequireJs ( and CommonJs.

I use your great framework into my application, and I need to do a lot of configuration for the AMD approach.

Posted by RGraph support on 29th August 2013
Hi there,

There's nothing like that I'm afraid.

Richard, RGraph Support

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