How do I control the annotate linewidth setting?

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Posted by Patrick on 11th April 2014
I have included a line width change for annotations.
I commented out the //obj.context.lineWidth = 1; in the RGraph.common.annotate.js

then added line widths to my context menu;

.Set('contextmenu', [['Sketch Colors', RGraph.Showpalette],
                                 ['thick line', function ()
                                      {lineAnn.context.lineWidth = 6;}],
                                 ['thin line', function ()
                                      {lineAnn.context.lineWidth = 1;}],

lineAnn is the name of my annotatable chart.

Is there a more straight forward way of doing this without editing the RGraph.common.annotate.js file?
Posted by Richard on 14th April 2014
Hi there,

Thanks - there's nothing to control the linewidth right now but I'll look at adding an option for the lineWidth into the next version of RGraph. I'm surprised that this works to be honest since the lineWidth is set to 1 every time you press the mouse (in the mousdedown event).


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