The background grid border will not go away

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Posted by John C on 26th June 2017
I have turned backgroundGridBorder to false to get rid of the border around the pie. Yet it remains. Why would that be?

- John C

var pie = new RGraph.Pie({
             id: 'Graph(ICP)',
             options: {
                 shadow: false,
                 backgroundGridBorder: false,
                 exploded: [7],
                 colors: colors,
                 tooltips: json.labels,
                 tooltipsEvent: 'mousemove',
                 strokestyle: 'transparent',
                 highlightStyle: 'outline'
Posted by Richard on 26th June 2017
Hi there,

Well its a Pie chart - there is no background grid on a Pie chart. Perhaps it's a border on the canvas tag. Try adding this attribute to your tag:

style="border: none !important"

Posted by John C on 26th June 2017
Ignore this one. You were right, there was an extraneous border in the canvas tag. Thank you.

- John

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