How do I use the Bar chart labelsAboveSpecific option with stacked charts?

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Posted by Kedar on 15th May 2017
hi there,

I just want to use grouping: 'stacked' option in my bar chart and to customize the labels showing above the bar, by "labelsAboveSpecific". But how to set array items in labelsAboveSpecific, can anybody suggest this. I'm just using the following code, when adding labelsAboveSpecific in this scenario, values not reflecting correctly, else it is showing fine.
Please give any example you have.

var bar = '';
                     bar = new RGraph.Bar({
                         id: 'cvs',
                         data: data,
                         options: {
                             textSize: 10,
                             textAccessible: false,
                             gutterTop: 35,
                             gutterLeft: 200,
                             gutterBottom: 150,
                             textAngle: 45,
                             hmargin: 0,
                             hmarginGrouped: 10,
                             labels: System_name_X,
                             colors: ['#0000FF', '#008000', '#FF0000','#00FF00'],
                             backgroundGridHlines: false,
                             backgroundGridVlines: false,
                             backgroundGridBorder: true,
                             grouping: 'stacked',
                             strokestyle: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
                             shadow: false,
                             labelsAbove: true,
                             noxaxis: true,
                             noyaxis: true,
Posted by Richard on 15th May 2017
Hi there,

Something like this perhaps:

Posted by Kedar on 16th May 2017
Thank you.

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