I'm having trouble with the Bar chart and setting conditional colors

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Posted by Armand Joseph on 21st February 2013
I have a problem in editing bar colors. I'm using bar8 and my problem is I have to make the color of the graph(s) change whenever the value of textbox(es) is change. For example I have a 5 bar graph in 1 canvas and 5 textboxes in php script. the value of textboxes are initialized in every bar graph, according to its number, 1st textbox = 1st bar graph, 2nd textbox = 2nd bar graph and etc. These are the conditions:
textbox <= 3 - bar color is green
textbox >=4 AND <=10 - bar color is yellow
textbox >=11 - bar color is red

I'm in deep trouble in coding javascript, I'm trying it but I can't make it. Please help me admin, your help will be a big solution in my college thesis. Thank you very much.
Posted by RGraph support on 21st February 2013
Hi there,

This may help:


Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Armand Joseph on 24th February 2013
I appreciate your help! I got the logic! Thank you very much.

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