The title disappears when I click on my Bar chart

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Posted by Babar on 11th May 2016
i am using onclick event in my graph and i also added dynamic.js file but when i click on any where on form chart xaxistitle and yaxistitle disapper please help me to resolve this issue.

my code is :

           var bar= new RGraph.Bar({
                 id: 'cvs2',
                 data: [[40], [50], [80], [3], [5], [20], [1], [10], [10], [1], [1], [110]],
                 options: {
                     textAccessible: true,
                     variant: 'bar',
                     variantThreedAngle: 0.1,
                     strokestyle: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
                     colors: ['Gradient(#fbb:red)', 'Gradient(#bfb:green)', 'Gradient(#bbf:blue)'],
                     gutterTop: 0,
                     gutterLeft: 0,
                     gutterRight: 0,
                     gutterBottom: 0,
                     labels: ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul','Aug','Sep','Oct','Nov','Dec'],
                     shadowColor: '#ccc',
                     shadowOffsetx: 3,
                     backgroundGridColor: '#eee',
                     scaleZerostart: true,
                     axisColor: '#ddd',
                     unitsPost: 'km',
                     title: 'Distance run in the past week',
                     key: ['John', 'Kevin', 'Lucy'],
                     titleXaxis: 'my x title',
                     titleYaxis: 'my y title',

                     keyShadow: true,
                     keyShadowColor: '#ccc',
                     keyShadowOffsety: 0,
                     keyShadowOffsetx: 3,
                     keyShadowBlur: 15,
                     eventsClick: drilldown,
                     eventsMousemove: onBarCursorMove,
Posted by Richard on 12th May 2016

I think this is an issue that I've fixed for the next version - the background use to be cached in its entirety but now just the grid is cached which resolves the titles disappearing. So try 4.55 (or the next beta) to see it.

Posted by Richard on 12th May 2016

PS. In the meantime you try disabling the textAccessible option.

Posted by Babar on 14th May 2016
thanks alot by disabling textAccessible property every thing is working fine

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