Basic chart problems in IE 11 getting it up and running

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Posted by John C on 24th May 2017
I am just starting with RGraph and am trying to do the simplest bar chart from the beginning documents pages. However, every time I get this error:

0x800a01bd - JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn't support this action

Is this an issue just with IE? I've seen some other issues out there with this error, but not RGraph.

- John

Posted by Richard on 24th May 2017
Hi there,

There's an error in your code somewhere. I'd recommend using the Chrome console when developing as the error messages are better IMO. There's a page and a video about them here:

(basically view the page in Chrome and then press CTRL+SHIFT+J to bring the console up)

Also, if you're starting out then try using one of the basic demo charts as a start point:

    A basic SVG Bar chart:
A basic canvas Bar chart:

Posted by Clint H. on 22nd June 2017
I also have an issue in (IE11), getting an error in the console when trying to use in IE11. No errors in Chrome console.

Error is in RGraph.svg.line.js

78: =;
79: this.uid = RG.SVG.createUID();
ERROR: Object does not support property or method 'createUID'

I then tried loading the svg basic line graph from the provided examples and I get the same error message.
Posted by Richard on 22nd June 2017

Have you included the RGraph.svg.common.core.js file (not the canvas common core library)?

Try using the code from one of the demos and then modifying that code to suit.


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