Is a Bell curve possible?

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Posted by Peter on 8th October 2013
i am trying to create a bell curve based on a set of data points, i need to plot the points on the graph and overlay the bell curve after.

I know have to draw on the canvas, how to merge graphs but what i can not figure out is how to draw the curve.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Posted by RGraph support on 8th October 2013
Hi there,

Assuming you're using the Scatter chart then creating a curve would depend on your data. For example this URL (which is not currently active) shows trigonometry curves and is curvy because there enough points which have slight changes in their Y values.

Using the Line chart you could use the chart.spline option (like the Line chart on the front page does) - though the Line chart doesn't do X/Y data - only a series of X values.

Richard, RGraph Support

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