Can I segment the left data on a Bipolar chart?

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Posted by JustJen on 1st January 2016

I'm working with Bi-Polar charts and I can't see if what I need to do is possible.
Here is the bi Polar example page for reference

Each row of data is a type of item, say types of car.
For each row, the data to the left will be total sales on that type of car.
The right hand data will be the margin made overall on those sales.

The left data needs to be segmented with colour to show which of those sales came from 4 possible areas. This can be done on progress bars, but I can't see if this is possible on bi polar charts.

Has anyone came across anything similar / can anyone help resolve this?

Jen :)
Posted by RGraph support on 30th October 2012

By the sounds of it you need a stacked chart - which the Bipolar doesn't support. You could probably knock a combination together of the Bipolar chart along with the HProgress bar - in a similar vein to this HOWTO document:

Or I could add native stacked capability to the Bipolar chart for you.

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