Bipolar - different colors for each side

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Posted by Harold on 16th January 2016
Is it possible to have each side of a Bipolar a different color? One side is positive and the other is negative, so I'm thinking Red and Green.
Posted by Richard on 16th January 2016

Yes - you can use the colorsSequential option. IIRC they're used from top to bottom, left side first.

Posted by Juan on 24th May 2016
Not working for me, thats my code:

new RGraph.Bipolar({
             id: 'id',
             left: datosHombres,
             right: datosMujeres,
             options: {
                 colors: ['red','red','red','red','red','red','red','red','red','red',
                 textAccessible: true,
                 textSize: 14,
                 gutterCenter: 90,
                 axisColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
                 labels: etiquetas,
Posted by Juan on 24th May 2016
Solved the issue by changing some library code(RGraph.Bipolar.js):

968 // If chart.colors.sequential is specified - handle that
                 if (prop['chart.colors.sequential']) {
                  var offsetColors = 0;
                  if (prop['chart.colors'].length == this.right.length * 2) {
                   offsetColors = this.right.length;
                     co.fillStyle = prop['chart.colors'][offsetColors + i];
                 } else {
                     co.fillStyle = prop['chart.colors'][0];

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