Why is my Gauge appearing blurry?

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Posted by yo on 22nd February 2017
seems like a great library!
how come my circle is blurry (i can send you an image?)
heres my code

var gauge = new RGraph.Gauge({
                     id: divID,
                     min: 0,
                     max: item.Max,
                     value: item.Done,
                     options: {
                         scaleDecimals: 0,
                         tickmarksSmall: 50,
                         tickmarksBig: 5,
                         shadow: false,
                         borderWidth: 0,
                         shadowBlur: 0

Posted by Richard on 22nd February 2017
Hi there,

I tried your code and it appears to be fine:


If you're looking at it on a retina display - that has had issues in the past. Feel free to send me a screenshot - richardheyes@gmail.com


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