How do I make the bounding text more bold?

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Posted by jlost55 on 1st January 2016
Hi there,

In the previous topic I use now this one: (see previous topic '30 lines ...')

Is it possible to make the bounder bolder or thicker? Because it is not so obvious to see the color.

Posted by Richard on 6th May 2014

You can set the color of the text to black (or a dark color) and the bounding.fill property to either white or a semi-transparent white.

Posted by dharmesh gohil on 6th May 2014

Hye 10Q for shearing Graph

But i have a one one query

  how to make a line graph in custom input data
Posted by Richard on 7th May 2014
Hi there,

If you mean integrating RGraph with your server-side scripts (eg PHP) then there's implementation docs here:


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