On my boxplot chart how do I mark the median value?

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Posted by Jerish on 20th March 2014
With the boxplot, is it possible to mark the median with a line or some sort. I prefer to use the same color for the upper and lower quartiles, and in that case need to mark the median.
Posted by Richard on 21st March 2014
apiAHi there,

There's no option for it - though you can do it by using the API.

Posted by Anoop on 25th March 2014
Does Rgraph support box and whisker plots? Didn't find it in the documentation. Am doing an evaluation of various charting options before i decide on one.
Posted by Richard on 26th March 2014
Hi there,

The message to which you've replied has a URL to an example - and there's a bit in the Scatter chart documentation here:



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