Browser crash when trying to show an HBar

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Posted by Zsolt on 21st July 2017
Hi Richard,

I have a weird experience with HBar charts (I don't know other charts affected or not).
I'm using resizable divs, and based on that I set the canvas.with and height.
If the height less than the summary of gutterTop and gutterBottom plus 1, then the browser crash. Checking in the task manager the booked memory of the browser start to grow.
I tested on chrome and on ff also. Probably caused by an infinite loop, but I couldn't debug it. Could You?

Best regards,
Posted by Richard on 21st July 2017
Hi there,

Well it wouldn't show the chart in that case - where the size is too small. I'll look at adding the properties resizableMinwidth and resizableMinHeight to the resizing code.

Posted by Zsolt on 25th July 2017
Thanks Richard!

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