I have found a bug with tooltips after I've upgraded

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Posted by Evgeny on 15th June 2013

I have just upgrade to the latest stable version of RGraph and have a bug on Google Chrome.

My graph is shown within a modal window that has position fixed.

in the file: rgraph/RGraph.common.core.js, line 1116
you check for the offsetParent

         while (obj.tagName.toLowerCase() != 'body' && i < 99) {

             if (obj.style.position == 'fixed') {
                 return obj;
             obj = obj.offsetParent;

The problem is that my modal window returns null for obj.tagName and script breaks.

I guess you should check (obj && obj.tagName.toLowerCase() != 'body')
Posted by RGraph support on 16th June 2013
Hi there,

Can you put an example of it online?

Richard, RGraph support

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