My canvas based 3D Bar chart tooltips are not working

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Posted by Hari Shankar on 18th April 2017
Hi Everyone,

Am a newbie to Rgraph. Tooltip is not working on Rgraph Canvas 3d bar chart [Ref - ] . I tried like this .
1.added the tooltip array to rgraph object
2.included tooltip library file and i can see the bar is clickable now. but the tool tip wont showing up.

Please see my code .

     var bar = new RGraph.Bar({
         id: newChartId,
         options: {
             textAccessible: true,
             variant: '3d',
             variantThreedAngle: 0.0,
             strokestyle: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)',
             colors : NCCount.model.references.graph_color,
             labels: quaterData.context,
             shadowColor: '#ccc',
             shadowOffsetx: 3,
             backgroundGridColor: 'white',
             scaleZerostart: true,
             axisColor: '#ddd',
             title: userclicked + ' - ' + quater + ' - ' + year,
             titleX: 50,
             titleHalign: 'left',
             titleColor: 'gray',
             key: ['S1', 'S2', 'S3', 'S4', 'S5', 'O1', 'O2'],
             keyPositionGutterBoxed: true,
             keyShadow: true,
             keyShadowColor: '#ccc',
             keyShadowOffsety: 0,
             keyShadowOffsetx: 3,
             keyShadowBlur: 15,
             keyPosition: 'gutter',
             tooltips: ['Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat', 'Sun']
     }).wave({ frames: 60 });

Thanks in Advance
Posted by Richard on 18th April 2017
Hi there,

Your configuration needs work, and possibly you need to include the correct libraries:

Posted by Hari Shankar on 21st April 2017
Thanks your code is working and Finally i got the issue . Am using Jquery UI Dialog to display grpah and Zindex is the problem

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