Is there a way to allow scrolling in a tooltip?

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Posted by John on 2nd January 2013

I've created a graph which includes tootips. A tooltip consists of a list of strings and could be very long in both width and lengh. When I click on a bar the tooltip appears, but sometimes I cannot read the content, because the tootips appears out of the browser window to the left. Is there a method or function to prevent this and tell the tooltip where to appear?

Any ideas?


My code (implemented in a python script)

graph = "<canvas id='" + canvas_name + "' width=""600"" height=""250"">[No canvas support]</canvas>"+\
             "<script src=\"/moin_static193/common/libraries/RGraph.common.dynamic.js\"></script>"+\
      "<script src=\"/moin_static193/common/libraries/RGraph.common.tooltips.js\"></script>"+\
      "<script src=\"/moin_static193/common/libraries/RGraph.line.js\"></script>"+\
             " var bar = new RGraph.Bar('" + canvas_name + "'," + data_array + ");"+\
             " bar.Set('chart.labels', " + label_array + ");"+\
      " bar.Set('chart.tooltips', " + tooltip_array + ");"+\
      " bar.Set('chart.tooltips.effect', 'fade');"+\
       " bar.Set('chart.tooltips.event', 'click');"+\
      " bar.Set('', true);"+\
             " bar.Set('chart.gutter.left', 45);"+\
             " bar.Set('chart.background.barcolor1', 'white');"+\
             " bar.Set('chart.background.barcolor2', 'white');"+\
      " bar.Set('chart.labels.above', true);"+\
       " bar.Set('chart.background.grid', true);"+\
      " bar.Set('chart.colors', ['blue']);"
Posted by RGraph support on 3rd January 2013

There's no function or method, but tooltips are regular HTML DIV tags, so you can use HTML tags in them, such as <br /> to break up the content.

Richard, RGraph Support

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