How do you change a Thermometers current value using the Set() method?

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Posted by gng on 15th November 2012
Can anyone give an example of how to change a thermometer's current value by calling the appropriate set method ?

I've tried :-

thermometer.Set(value, 78);

thermometer.Set("value", 78);

thermometer.Set("currentValue", 78);

etc but it has no effect.

Thanks for any help !
Posted by RGraph support on 15th November 2012

You can take a look at this page:

The first (green) thermometer is adjustable (with a Grow effect). The relevant code is (put this after you've made and drawn the thermometer):

myThermometer.canvas.onmousedown = function (e)
     var obj =;
     var value = obj.getValue(e);

     obj.value = value;
Posted by Lisp on 23rd November 2012
sorry but i don't understand, i want change value of thermo by clicking a button that call a function where i declare the object, something like this:

     <script >
      function changevalue(newvalue) {

is it possible to do something like this ?
Posted by gradtje on 24th November 2012
Hi there,

I`ve just spend yestrday`s evening with exact the same problem. I`m not very experienced with js...

Try thermometer.value = newvalue...

Then you need to clear and redraw of course.

Good luck !
Posted by RGraph support on 26th November 2012

Yes - as the the post above mentions - you set the value , clear and redraw. So wrapping that up in a function:

function SetValue (thermometer, value)
     thermometer.value = value;

     // There's a few ways to redraw your canvas - this is the easiest

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