I'm trying to have a chart background color but I'm having issues

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Posted by ChimChim on 27th March 2013
I see chart.background.barcolor1 and chart.background.barcolor2, which allow for alternating horizontal background colors. I'm trying to have a chart background be a single color, so I set barcolor1 and barcolor1 to the same color. This works, however there is an artifact(border?) between barcolor1 and barcolor2 that I cant seem to turn off as it shows a line between barcolor1 and barcolor2, which doesn't line up with my normal horizontal grid lines.

My question is: is there a way to specify a non-alternating background scheme to avoid this, or is there a way to turn off the "border" between the barcolors? Thanks.
Posted by RGraph support on 27th March 2013
Hi there,

I couldn't get rid of it either so I've added a new option - chart.background.color - for when you want a single background color. It'll be a part of the next release.

Posted by ChimChim on 28th March 2013
Thanks for the fast turnaround Richard. Works like a charm!

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