Is it possible to create a chart with dynamic text size?

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Posted by Pratibha on 5th June 2014
Can we create bar chart which size can be change dynamic.

If my x-axis label text length is more then how I can show this in mix chart i.e. bar and line chart on one canvas.
I tried the .set('text.angle', '45') but this is disturb my line chart position.
Posted by Richard on 5th June 2014
I can't quite tell what you're asking - it sounds like you might benefit from using \r\n at the start of some of you labels so that they appear "down a line" compared with normal:

Posted by Pratibha on 6th June 2014
thanks it works fine but facing below issue
in my case i am using iframe so when i resize the graph then the graph's position is changes i.e. if i drag chart only horizontal but still chart is display at bottom
Posted by Richard on 6th June 2014
I still can't tell what you're saying - try posting a URL to the page in question.


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