The chart.title.yaxis.pos option and the ylabelsspecific does nothing and are ignored

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Posted by Bradley on 27th February 2017
I tried for a long time to make my graph look better. I thought "chart.title.yaxis.pos" was the magic potion that would at least move the hidden yaxis label somewhere where it wouldn't be so overshadowed by the y axis tick labels Also, the "ylabelsspecific" array of strings are ignored, unless I typed the property name in wrong.

var Dollars = ["0", "5K","10K","15K", "20K"];

.Set("ylabelsspecific", Dollars)

I wanted to use 0,5K,10K,15K and 20K versus the longer numbers.

What the line object really needs is the ability to specify the exact x,y coordinate for the yaxis label (and xaxis label for that matter).

Can anyone advise me on how to fix my issue?

(image of my graph on picture hosting website)
Posted by Richard on 27th February 2017
Hi there,

You appear to have missed out the necessary capitalization, so try this instead:

.set('ylabelsSpecific', 'Dollars')


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