My chart will not draw with a jQuery hoverplug-in

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Posted by Mike Mantey on 27th May 2014
I am using 3 charts and have followed the code in your demo examples.
All is working perfectly until I try to add a jQuery hover option.
I have added an hcaption plug in.
If I turn the caption hover off it works perfectly but when on it does not draw anything.
Any ideas
Posted by Richard on 27th May 2014
Check your JavaScript console for an error message. You can add "official" events to the canvas tag - but to add event listeners to elements that are drawn on the canvas you have to use the RGraph options. Eg:

To add a listener to the whole canvas:

$('cvs').hover(function (e)
     // In handler
}, function (e)
     // Out handler

To add a listener to a specific bar (on a bar chart for example):

myBar.$2.onmouseover = function (e, shape)
     // 3rd bar clicked

More docs on events here:


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