My charts are only working correctly in Chrome

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Posted by Matt on 28th May 2013
I have been building my charts and they are coming on nicely in chrome. However, i tested today in some other browsers (IE and FF) and they don't work. the chart is displayed but no data. Any ideas for why?

Heres an example page using multiple scatter sharts:


Thanks in advance for any help,

Posted by RGraph support on 29th May 2013

When I looked at it last night you had data that was showing in Chrome - but not other browsers most likely because you had trailing commas in your arrays. Today there's no dat any more - though you are using a format that doesn't appear to be recognised by Date.parse() - this format works:

2013/05/29 23:59:59
Posted by Matt on 29th May 2013
Hi Richard,

Thanks. You were right, it was the Date.parse() issue. Selected from php as Y/m/d and passed that and it worked even despite the trailing , (which is good news as my php isn't good enough to know how to get rid of those!). The reason you didnt see any data was likely that you selected a date in the mrn that has no data in my sql table.

Thanks for the help.


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