How do you create a combined Bar and Line chart that has different numbers of data points?

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Posted by Craig Prosser on 1st January 2016
In all the examples that I can find of a combined bar and line chart, there are the same number of data points for the line data and the bar data. I have a requirement where this is not the case. Consider a chart of annual sales data where a bar chart shows the monthly sales values for a year, while a line chart superimposed over it shows the sales for each week of that same year. The combined chart would enable a viewer to see how sales had gone within each month as well as for each month. I cannot see how this can be achieved. Is there a way? Is there a way to manually draw the line chart once the bar chart has been drawn, or can I somehow make use of dual x-axes?

Thanks for the excellent product.

Posted by RGraph support on 29th May 2013
Hi there,

Here's an example of such a chart - but with 48 points on the line - 4 per month. If you increase that to 52 - things won't line up precisely:

Posted by Craig Prosser on 29th May 2013
That is excellent! Thank you for the resolution.

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