There's a conflict with RGraph and the Moodle minifier

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Posted by Dan Marsden on 11th October 2015
Great library - thanks!

I'm using RGraph in a Moodle project which uses the Minify lib to compress and serve all JS.

RGraph.line.js Line 1526 has the following code:
+ (0).toFixed(

Which Minify converts to:
+ 0.toFixed(

Personally I think Minify shouldn't do this but unfortunately Minify have closed the issue that relates to this as won't fix:

Any chance you could modify the code to use a param instead of a number within the brackets - or modify that further to avoid this issue with minify? - I looked for a source code repo for Rgraph so I could submit a pull request but couldn't find one.

Posted by Richard on 11th October 2015

If you update the bit of the line to this:


And try minifying it again - does it come out OK? If it does I'll update the code to that.

Posted by Dan Marsden on 11th October 2015
Thanks Richard,

Yes - changing that to Number(0) prevents Minify from screwing with it.

our client has posted about the use of RGraph in their blog here if that's useful:

Posted by Richard on 13th October 2015
Thanks for that. Doug Crockfords jsmin is what I use to create the minified libraries here:

Posted by Dan Marsden on 15th October 2015

There has been a few discussions between the devs here at Moodle for a new graphing lib to include in core because the one we have currently is old/not maintained.

One of the significant difficulties I see in recommending RGraph is that there doesn't appear to be a public source-code repository for it - is there any particular reason you don't have one?

If you're interested in contributing to our discussion the tracker issue related to this is:
Posted by Richard on 15th October 2015

I do use SVN - though not as you might hope. 99% of my commit messages are: "misc". The only thing I use it for is tracking changes so that I update my changelog appropriately (


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