Can you help with my context menu position issue?

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Posted by Zsolt on 10th August 2017
Hi Richard,

if the container div of the context menu (base setting is the body) is scrollable and you scroll it, the position of the context menu is inaccurate (has to add the scrollTop and scrollLeft)

Posted by Richard on 10th August 2017
Hi there,

I'm not seeing it. This is a Thermometer with a context menu which appears to be fine:

Posted by Zsolt on 10th August 2017

You're right, but...

My case is specific (again:))

I'm using browser full screen mode on my container div. To displaying the context menu, I have to append to it to the container using the contextmenu event, what You triggering. When the container is scrollable and scrolled, the position of the context menu has been wrong.

I fixed it in the event handler with rewrite the css position of the menu, so You don't have to worried about it.


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