Using the CSV reader, carriage returns and newlines in labels doesn't work

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Posted by Lars Larsson on 28th February 2016

I can't use newlines in label when I use cvs reader
I have tried this. One at time.
2016\n02-01, 79,569
'2016\n02-01', 79,569
['2016\n02-01', 79,569]

Don't work
  var bar = new RGraph.Bar({
                 id: 'csva',
                 data: data,
                 options: {
                     gutterTop: 50,
                     gutterBottom: 45,
                   --> labels:labels,
                     title: 'A chart using theCSVreader',
                     colors: ['red'],
                     strokestyle: 'white',
                     noxaxis: true,
                     shadowColor: '#aaa'

but if i dont read it from file it works.

Posted by Richard on 28th February 2016

The CSV reader won't convert the CRLF to real carriage returns/newlines for you - it just reads the file and gives you back the contents. You can convert the CRLFs like this though:

for (var i=0; i<labels.length; ++i) {
     labels[i] = labels[i].replace(/(\\r)?\\n/, "\n");

It just loops through your labels and converts any \n or \r\n to a real newline. Put it before you create the chart.

PS Nice to see the CAPTCHA working (though I've just noticed I need to implement it for replies)!

Posted by Lars Larsson on 28th February 2016

Thanks for quick reply.

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