My data point for a stacked Bar chart is showing up even when the value is 0

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Posted by Piyush on 22nd July 2013
data = [34,33,0,2,42]
colors = ['rgb(146, 208, 80)', 'yellow', 'red', 'grey', '#B07CD2']

The data point with color red should not show up on the stacked bar because its value is 0. And yet it does, a very thin layer, but enough to get noticed.

How can i ensure data points with 0 do not show up on the chart?

Posted by RGraph support on 22nd July 2013
Hi there,

OK I've made a slight change so that 0 segments of a stacked bar are not shown at all if they have a zero height. It will be a part of the next beta.


Posted by Piyush on 22nd July 2013
Cheers, Richard!

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