How do I retrieve a datums pixel coordinates?

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Posted by Mark on 2nd July 2013

for performance reasons I'm looking to replace an SVG chart with a canvas one. Just evaluating RGraph to see if it's a suitable fit. Does the API offer any way of getting the pixel coordinates of each datum once the graph has been rendered? I need this as I'll have to add functionality so that a user can drag an area of the chart to create a subselection.

I there isn't any official method in the API is it possible by any (potentially hacky) route?

Posted by RGraph support on 2nd July 2013
Hi there,

There's the .coords array - which contains the coordinates of each point/shape. What the array is called sometimes varies - but for the most part it's called .coords. If you're interested in dragging the actual points/bars then you might want to have a look at the adjusting:

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Mark on 2nd July 2013
Hey Richard

thanks for the really speedy reply :) It isn't to modify the data, just to test what data fits within a rectangle dragged by the user. I'll have a play with .coords and see where I get

thanks again

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