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Posted by Tyeth on 22nd August 2015
Hi, just thought I had to let you know:
The links on the misc docs page are not correctly relative, this might be the case on others however I've only noticed it on the misc page.
The link at the bottom of the ingraph labels should be linking to one folder higher rather than /docs/misc.html/ingraph.html

You can accomplish this with the <base href="/" > html tag. See:

And your tool is fantastic, and I can't wait to get fully to grips with it, and I promise to update you on my progress as it develops. [Should have a public health information site functional by november so will keep you posted.]

Also, is it on github or anything for forking?

Kind regards,
Posted by Richard Heyes on 22nd August 2015
Hi there,

Thanks - I've updated the address to the correct one (on my dev version).

There's no GitHub repository - I use local SVN. But I don't know if it would help anyway as most of my commit messages are "misc" :-/ .


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