Is there any documentation for older versions?

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Posted by Ebby on 6th November 2015
HI, we are using older (paid) version of RGraph on our site where we are already using scatter and spider charts among others. I am now trying to implement line chart but cannot find teh documentation on how to use this. Can you please provide me with a bit of direction on how can I do this.
Posted by Richard on 6th November 2015
Hi there,

The only documentation is that that's on the RGraph website. But here are various different config formats that have been (and still can be) used:

// Original
var line = new RGraph.Line('cvs', [4,8,6]);
line.Set('', 45);
line.Set('chart.labels', ['Mon','Tue','Wed']);

// Chained methods
var line = new RGraph.Line('cvs', [4,8,6])
     .set('', 45)
     .set('chart.labels', ['Mon','Tue','Wed'])

// Current
var line = new RGraph.Line({
     id: 'cvs',
     data: [4,8,6],
     options: {
         gutterTop: 45,
         labels: ['Mon','Tue','Wed']

You should be able to see the pattern as they progress. There's also a document about the various configuration methods here:


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