How do I draw lines over an image?

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Posted by Patrick on 26th March 2014
In the following, drawing the image eliminates the line no matter the order I draw in. Other elements like the circle I show here do not eliminate the line and are not eliminated by the image. I would like to draw labelled dashed dimension lines, preferably arrows, on the image. I have successfully drawn the dashed lines, but cannot get them to draw over the image. I show a solid line here for simplicity.

// place sketch of a car in the center of the chart area
   var carsketch = new RGraph.Drawing.Image
                 .Set('width', carWidth)
                 .Set('height', carWidth/4)
                 .Set('halign', 'center')
                 .Set('valign', 'center')
                 .Set('alpha', .5)
// place circle for cg location
  var cg = new RGraph.Drawing.Circle('cvs', cgX, cgY, radius)
                .Set('strokestyle', 'black')
                .Set('fillstyle', 'rgba(255,0,0,0.7)')

// draw wheelbase line
  var wbLine = document.getElementById("cvs").getContext('2d');
Posted by Richard on 26th March 2014
Hi there,

Try adding the line using the ondraw event of the last object that you draw:

cg.ondraw = function (obj)
     // draw wheelbase line
     var co = obj.context;

Posted by Patrick on 26th March 2014
Thank You. That worked, but I'm not sure why. I'll place all my added lines inside the ondraw event. Is there a simple arrow line end style?
Posted by Richard on 26th March 2014
Hi there,

The only arrow end is a tickmark style for the Line chart - there's no general purpose one.


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