Drawing a line onto a spline Line chart

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Posted by Eric on 4th June 2013

I like rGraph a lot, but there is one thing i can't get done. Hopefuly someone has a good idea or example for me so i can proceed with my POC.

I would like to draw a like with the mouse in a (sp)line graph. I've got a fixed x-ax and would like to retreive the values at the y-Ax when i "hit" a x-ax point.

Hopefully you guys understand what i mean because it is really hard to explain with just text :(.

Thanks in advance!
gr. Eric
Posted by RGraph support on 4th June 2013
Hi there,

Feel free then to show me an image illustrating what you're referring to. By the sounds of it you want a Scatter chart. With this you can have an X scale as well as a Y scale - and the scatter has .getXValue(event) and .getYValue(event) methods which you can use in an event listener (eg a click listener).


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