Is there a drawing API Y axis specific labels option and a request for bold titles

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Posted by Andy on 15th May 2013
Hi there!

first: great library, this is a really powerful tool!

yet, could it be that the "chart.labels.specific" option is not available for the y-axis-object? I could neither get it to work nor found the option in the source file..
and another thing: Could you add "title.bold" for the drawing-x & y-axes?
And a 'vmargin' option analog to the hmargin? ;)

Thank you very much
Posted by RGraph support on 15th May 2013
Hi there,

The Y axis object has the chart.labels.specific option - and there's a demo of it here:

And I can add the chart.title.bold/font/size options for you if you'd like them and do it as a license holders customisation.

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Rachel on 23rd July 2013
Just to follow up on this message - I had to download the latest version of RGraph before this function worked for me.

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